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League Advocate

The League Advocate volunteer position is an observer of 3 games during the season. It is designed for someone looking out for everyone’s safety and that parents, players and coaches are creating a positive atmosphere for enjoying baseball. It is the goal of DPLL to observe our Code of Conduct and foster an environment where players are uninhibited to gain a love for baseball and develop in their skills, so they can enjoy the game even more. This volunteer position does NOT require any intervention or interaction with players, parents or coaches.

Click Here for League Advocate volunteer sign ups. Please pick a game that is not in the division of your player if possible.

If you have questions, please contact the Team Parent/Volunteer Coordinator


Concessions Stand

  • Please register online for a time slot in the Concession Stand. 

Click here for Concessions Signups


  • You should report to the Concessions stand at least 20 minutes before start of weekday game.   If it is your first time, training will be provided.
  • Please do not plan to keep your young children with you while you work.
  • Only reliable teenagers, who have been approved by the Concessions Manager or the Team Parent/Volunteer Coordinator, can work a shift.
  • Re-stock snacks and drinks as necessary during your shift.
  • You need to work the entire 2-1/2 hour shift (or until relieved by Concession Manager) in order to receive volunteer credit for the shift.
  • If you cannot make your shift, it is your responsibility to send a replacement.  The person who is replacing you MUST have submitted a Little League Volunteer Application and have been cleared.  If you are truly unable to make your shift due to an emergency, please let the Concessions Manager know ASAP so that a replacement can be found.  There must be two people to staff each shift or the Concessions stand cannot open.  
  • You will receive a reminder call or E-mail at least a day or so before your shift.