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Dos Pueblos Little League

Volunteer Commitment Information

Dos Pueblos Little League works because of all the hard work and effort provided by our wonderful volunteers. Every registered player must have someone who will help out with one of the many positions involved in running the league. These include managers and coaches, umpires, team parents, and concessions workers. Each team also needs volunteers to serve as scorekeepers and help with field maintenance before and after each game. All DPLL volunteers must fill out the Little League Volunteer Packet. This packet will be given to you by your Team Parent or Manager once teams are formed. 


Click Here for instructions on how to use the website for your team


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Scorekeepers are all volunteer parents who dedicate their time and efforts to keeping a written record of what transpires during every game. DPLL will provide scorekeeper training prior to the beginning of the season. It is encouraged that parents volunteer for scorekeeping in the Coast division to begin learning how to keep score, track the pitch count, hits, walks and errors. As scorekeepers move up divisions with their child, they become more adept at being a solid scorekeeper. Each team is responsible for supplying at least one (1) scorekeeper, with a maximum of two (2) per team for volunteer credit. Scorekeepers are expected to arrive at the field 15 minutes prior to game time to allow time to fill in game data.  

Please refer to the
Scorekeeper Section for more information.

Any individual who desires to umpire Little League baseball MUST attend umpire-training clinics prior to the current season. These clinics will consist of both rules and "field mechanics" instruction. Each team is required to supply two umpire candidates who will be required to umpire three (3) games each to receive volunteer credit. In addition, the manager of each team must umpire at least one game. Sign-ups to umpire a game will be online soon.

Please refer to the Umpire Section for more detailed information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Head Umpire

Team Parent
The Team Parent is an important volunteer position on each team. Team Parents assist the managers and coaches with communication of scheduled team activities such as practices and games. They act as the communication link between DPLL and players and their families. Team parents are also responsible for putting together the team Silent Auction basket, and distributing team pictures and Action Photo books. Please refer to the Team Parent section for more complete details on Team Parent responsibilities. Each team is allowed a maximum of two (2) team parents for volunteer credit.
Please refer to the
Team Parent Section for further information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Team Parent/Volunteer Coordinator

Field Maintenance
Each team should have at least two volunteer groundskeepers responsible for pre-game preparation and post-game clean up. The Visiting Team is responsible for lining the foul lines and batter boxes, raking and filling holes on the mound, home plate area and in the infield. They are also responsible for insuring there is enough loose soil for kids to slide into at 2nd base, 3rd base and home plate. You should allow for at least 20 minutes for this field preparation. It is the responsibility of the Home Team to drag and water the infield, as well as to rake, repair and water the mound and home plate areas after the game. Bases and hoses must be stored in the field boxes each evening.

Please refer to the
Field Maintenance Section for instructions on how to complete the jobs listed above.

If you have further questions or need additional information, please contact the Head Groundskeeper


The concessions stand will be staffed on a first-come first-sign-up basis. There needs to be two people to staff the concessions stand during each shift.  In order to receive credit for this volunteer job, each individual must complete two (2) shifts of 2 1/2 hours each. A maximum of two (2) Concessions volunteers per team is allowed, except for T-Ball teams, which are allowed nine (9) Concessions volunteers per team.  Exceptions to the maximum number of allowed volunteers per team must be approved by the Team Parent/Volunteer Coordinator prior to the end of the season.

Please refer to the
Concession Stand Section
for further information or to sign up for a concessions shift.


League Advocate

The League Advocate volunteer position is an observer of 3 games during the season. It is designed for someone looking out for everyone’s safety and that parents, players and coaches are creating a positive atmosphere for enjoying baseball. It is the goal of DPLL to observe our Code of Conduct and foster an environment where players are uninhibited to gain a love for baseball and develop in their skills, so they can enjoy the game even more. This volunteer position does NOT require any intervention or interaction with players, parents or coaches.

Click Here to sign up. Please pick a game that is not in the division of your player if possible.

If you have questions, please contact the Team Parent/Volunteer Coordinator. 


Common Volunteer Questions

Why do I have to work a volunteer shift?  No one in the DPLL organization is paid for his/her time, including the board members, umpires, Concession Manager, and Fields Maintenance Director. The league is run entirely by volunteers who work together to make sure the season is a great experience for all Little League players. It would be impossible to keep the concession stand open for the players and fans, and to keep the fields in good condition without lots of parent help.

Why don't you just hire someone? Cost. The fee per player would have to more than double to pay for umpires, concessions manager and workers, field maintenance manager and workers, etc.

Can my teenager work my shift for me?  Reliable teenagers who have been approved by the Team Parent/Volunteer Coordinator or the Concessions Manager can work in your place. They are also welcome to work extra shifts in the Concessions stand to earn community service hours.

What if I have more than 1 child in the league? How many hours do I have to volunteer? If you have 1 child = 3 volunteer hours. If you have 2 or more children - 5 volunteer hours. 

How does the deposit work? Before your child can be placed on a team, you must submit a $100 volunteer fee for each child. Families can submit one check for all registered players. This check will not be cashed. Your original check will be returned to you at the end of the season if you have fulfilled your volunteer commitment.

Isn’t $100 per player awfully high?  We’d much rather have your time than your money, and do not want to cash your check.  In the past some parents have not shown up for their shift, deciding to forfeit their check without notice. The work doesn’t get done, and other volunteers are very inconvenienced when this happens. The high value of the deposit is to discourage this.

Can’t I just donate my volunteer fee?  You do have the option of gifting the volunteer fee instead of working. Please notify your Team Parent or the Team Parent/Volunteer Coordinator if you would like to choose this option.

How do I sign up for a shift?  Sign-ups to umpire a game or to work a shift in the Concessions stand are online.  Once you are signed up, you are responsible for that shift. We really count on the scheduled people to be there and it is a major inconvenience when volunteers do not show up. If you are unable to fulfill your obligation, please notify the Head Umpire or Concessions Manager ASAP so that they can look for a replacement.

Can I help by volunteering for an extra shift in the Concessions stand?  Yes, thank you!!  We appreciate and welcome any help with providing this service for our players and families!